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Updated:  June 26, 2014

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  A Message from the Chief


It is an honor to serve as your EMS Chief.  I am privileged to work alongside so many caring, and dedicated men, and women; all of whom are willing to give their time and talents to keep our community healthy, and safe.

EMS has come a long way since its inception here in the United States; and Rittman EMS has stayed on the cutting edge.  Today, Rittman EMS provides top-notch, professional emergency medical care to the community, with a focus on excellence and compassion. 

Rittman EMS utilizes the latest technology to provide our community with Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities to respond to all types of emergency situations.  We provide much more than a simple “ride to the Emergency Department”.  Each response brings highly trained and motivated, men and women, who are capable of providing you the most up-to-date emergency medical care—in any type of situation.

The information contained on this website is designed to offer you a small glimpse of the day-to-day operations of Rittman EMS, and provide you with insight on how we are available to serve you.  Please continue to check back here often for important news and updates about the department.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to call me.   We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service.


Andy Baillis

Chief Andy Baillis, OFE, NRP, EMS-I

Rittman EMS

Office:  (330) 925-2065

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