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Updated:  May 26, 2014

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     The Rittman EMS Hiring Process...


          Do YOU Have What it Takes?

Rittman EMS is always looking for men and women who are dedicated to helping their fellow citizens, who are not afraid of hard work or challenges, and who rise to the occasion during critical situations.  The hours are long, and the work is not always comfortable; but you can expect in return a rewarding career with a sense of accomplishment.  Do you have what it takes? Can you make the grade? If so, read on…


Rittman EMS is a municipal third-service Emergency Medical Service that provides prompt and professional medical care to the community.  Comprised of a full-time EMS Chief, the remaining staff consists of highly dedicated volunteers who provide 24-hour emergency response to the City of Rittman and portions of Milton Township, Ohio.  Rittman EMS responds to an average of 850-900 calls for service each year.  In order to meet the growing demand for response, Rittman EMS staffs two (2) part-time members (1-ALS / 1-BLS) between the hours of 6am and 6pm daily.  The remaining hours are covered by an on-call duty crew who respond from their homes, and are required to remain in the response area while on duty. Volunteer members are compensated for their time on a paid-per-call basis.


Persons interested in joining the Rittman EMS Team should fill out an application, and return it to the EMS Chief.  Resumes are encouraged to be submitted along with the application packet, but are not accepted in lieu of the employment application.

Applications are available at the EMS station: 

25 N. State St. 
Rittman, OH 44270   


By Following THIS Link

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Graduation from an accredited high school, or equivalent.

  • Applicants must possess a valid Ohio Driver's license.

  • Must be of good moral character and have no convictions for offenses involving moral turpitude.

  • Must be physically able to perform the job functions of an EMT.

  • Must possess the ability to think critically and function in high stress situations.

  • Must have a positive attitude and good people skills.

  • Applicants must be within the Rittman EMS response area while on Call.

    Completion of an application for employment, does not a guarantee employment with Rittman EMS.

Each application shall be reviewed, to insure that the individual meets the minimum qualifications. In the event that the department has a need for additional staffing, those qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the Rittman EMS Candidate process.

The applicant must participate in each step of this process, or they will be disqualified from further consideration.


Rittman EMS Candidate Process

(Some of these steps are performed simultaneously)
  • Application Review:
    The Chief or his designee shall review the application packet and ensure that all required information and documentation is supplied.
  • Personal Background Investigation:
    A complete background investigation will be performed. This background investigation shall include, but is not limited to: criminal history, driving record, educational experience, military service, personal and professional references, and moral character

  • Staff Panel Interview:
    Those candidates who successfully complete the above steps will be scheduled for an interview with a panel consisting of three current members of Rittman EMS. This interview will provide the candidate with the basic expectations of being a member of Rittman EMS; and allow opportunity for the applicant to ask questions about our organization. Following this interview, a recommendation will be made to the Chief as to whether the candidate should continue with the hiring process.
  • Chief’s Interview:
    Following a recommendation from the peer interview committee, and dependent on the needs of the department, a candidate may be brought in for an interview with the Chief of the department.

  • Conditional Offer of Employment:
    Dependant on the results of the Chief’s Interview, the candidate may be presented with a conditional offer of employment. The conditional offer of employment allows the candidate to continue through the remaining testing procedures.

“Neither the conditional offer of employment, nor the completion of the remaining testing process implies or ensures that a formal offer of employment will follow.”
  • Invitation for Observation Ride-Along:
    Following the conditional offer, candidates shall be invited to begin attending EMS training sessions, and schedule squad observation time with the EMS Operations Captain. This will allow the candidate to see how our organization functions on a day-to-day basis. All ride-along candidates must have a signed HIPAA agreement on file. Candidates are required to ride-along a minimum of eight (8) hours a week (average), over a ninety (90) day period, prior to being placed on the membership roster.

  • Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) Testing:
    Candidates must next successfully complete a Computer Voice Stress Analysis test administered by the Rittman Police Department.

  •  Medical & Drug Screening:
    Upon selection by the EMS Chief, or his designee, candidates who received a conditional job offer must successfully complete a comprehensive medical examination and drug screen provided by the City; at the provider of the City’s choosing. In addition, candidates will be required to provide documentation of various vaccinations (MMR, HEP-B Series, Tetanus, and TB-Mantoux) or sign the appropriate waiver of vaccination form.

  • Formal Employment Offer:
    In the event of an opening for additional staff members, the Chief may elect to formally offer a candidate who has completed all of the required steps listed above, a position with Rittman EMS. Once the position has been accepted, the new member of Rittman EMS will be issued uniforms and equipment necessary for the safe functioning of their job. If there are no immediate openings within the department, the candidate will be placed on an eligibility list which shall be valid for one (1) year. This list shall be used to fill any open positions that arise. This list may be extended to two (2) years; however the candidate may be required to update some portions of the testing process.

  • Probationary Period:
    Pursuant to City Ordinance all new employees will serve a probationary period of twelve (12) months. During this time, employees will be required to complete a departmental orientation program which includes Job Performance Requirements (JPR) for their level of certification.

Copies of current job descriptions and JPR’s will maintained by Rittman EMS, and be available upon request.

All part-time positions within Rittman EMS are filled from within the volunteer rank




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