“…To Save a Life…”


Rittman Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to serving the residents and visitors of the City of Rittman.


We provide for the health and welfare of the community by offering a professionally trained, well equipped staff that is capable of responding to all types of medical emergencies. 

         City of Rittman: 

      Rittman Police Dept.


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In an Emergency, ALWAYS Dial 911

Updated: July 4, 2014

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Our 2013 Annual Report is Now Available.
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2013 Rittman EMS Annual Report

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Calling “911



The Rittman Police Department provides Public Safety Dispatching Services to:   the City of Rittman for Police, Fire , and EMS services; the Village of Doylestown for Police services; and both Chippewa and Milton Townships for Fire and EMS services.





When Calling “911” in an Emergency...


  • Remain calm and speak clearly.                                                                                 Do not scream into the Phone
  • Give the complete address where you need help.                                                Include apartment number or room number if appropriate.
  • Tell the “911” dispatcher what the problem is.                                                           Why you need help; and what type of assistance:  Police, Fire, or EMS
  • Answer all of the dispatcher's questions.                                                                     They may ask you certain questions to help the police, fire, or EMS units responding to your emergency.
  • Give the “911” dispatcher your name.

Other Considerations When Calling “911”...

  • DO NOT Hang up until the "911" dispatcher tells you too.                                          If you hang up before speaking to the “911” operator, THEY WILL call you back; and you may get a visit from a Police Officer.

  • If you Dial "911" by mistake.                                                                                          Stay on the line and say, "This is not an emergency..." then explain what happened.

  • Please DO NOT call to report a power outage, for weather information, or for local road conditions.                                                                                                              Call your utility service provider regarding service outages.  If your power is out, use a battery-powered radio to monitor a local radio station for important weather updates.
  • If you Dial "911" from your cell phone, please pull over before calling; and be prepared to give the dispatcher your location--including any prominent landmarks.  Some cell phones do not have GPS enabled, and therefore may not show the dispatcher your current location.                                                                                        


 Summa Logo

Summa Health System Positions Itself for

Future with Organization-wide Changes

(Press Release: Posted on Summa's Website May 6, 2014)


Changes Announced at Wadsworth-Rittman Hospital

If you have any questions regarding the Summa closure, I would encourage you to speak with one of the representatives listed in the press release:

                                         Mike Bernstein                                            Jim Gosky 

                                         (234) 312-5012                                                 (234) 312-5052


What does this mean to you as a patient being transported by Rittman EMS…?

According to the staff at Summa Health Systems, there should be little to no change for ambulance patients.  The Emergency Department at Summa Wadsworth-Rittman will still take you as a patient if it is your desire to be transported there. 

There may be a rare occasion in which you may require a transfer to an inpatient facility for admission or a specialized procedure.  In this case, your Emergency Room Physician will confer with, you or your designee, to make the appropriate care decisions. Rittman EMS has always assisted our patients in making the most appropriate transport decision based on their medical condition.   We will continue to do so; working hand-in-hand with the care providers at Summa Health Systems. 


Do You Have What It Takes
“…to Save a Life…”

Rittman EMS is always looking for qualified candidates to join OUR Team!

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HERE to see a listing/map of CURRENT AED Devices in the Rittman  area...


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Proudly Serving the City of Rittman Since 1981
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